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SWP - Teaser
Path of the Pronghorn
Since 2003, WCS conservation scientists have been involved in a long-term study of the Path of the Pronghorn, an age-old migration route that connects summer range in Grand Teton National Park with winter range far to the south in the western Wyoming's Green River Valley.
Hemenway Bighorns
Hemenway Bighorns
The desert bighorn sheep that frequent the Hemenway Park in Boulder City, Nevada are annually captured for research purposes and for relocation to other mountain ranges in the state.
GoPro Helicopter Footage
KCA Carbon Ashing Furnace
Product showcase video we produced for KCA, Reno for use in their international trade show booth.
SWP - Teaser
Shepreth Wildlife Park - Teaser
Shepreth Wildlife Park's teaser video for their website -
GoPro Helicopter Footage
GoPro Helicopter Capture Footage
Footage shot with GoPro Hero Cameras as part of a bighorn sheep translocation project in Nevada, USA.
The Guzzler Projects
Virginia Range Guzzlers
A short film showing the installation of two water guzzlers into the Virginia Mountain Range in Nevada.
CABNR Majors
CABNR Majors filmed for The College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, which is located in the University of Nevada, Reno...
Youth Camp 2011
Maison T Ortiz Youth Skills Camp
The Maison T Ortiz Youth Outdoor Skills Camp was created to combine education, safety and entertainment into an experience that will provide Nevada's youth with skills and knowledge to last a lifetime.
Videographer Reel
Videography Showreel
Videography showreel showcasing some of our work up to 2010.
Enviromental Science
Environmental Science
Environmental Science filmed for The Department of Natural Resources at the University of Nevada, Reno, gives prospective students a taste of what's on offer.
Rounding Antelope
Pronghorn antelope translocation project. The antelope are netted from the air then taken to a base camp where biologists collect data and then relocate them to repopulate other areas.
Moho Mountain Guzzler
Moho Mountain Guzzler
Our 2011 Gold EMPixx award winning film on a Guzzler Project in the Nevada mountains.
Breaking & Entering
Breaking & Entering
Bear Biologist Carl Lackey is called out to investigate a case of breaking & entering at a house on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.
370lb Bear
370lb Bear
Bear Biologist Carl Lackey releases a 370lb black bear that was found living under a shack at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe.
Neighborhood Bear
Neighborhood Bear
A yearling bear cub wanders into a Carson City neighborhood, where the Department of Wildlife capture him and return him to the wild.
Deadly Snake?
Great Basin Rattlesnake
National Geographic Channel's Jake Willers hosts The Wildlife, a free web based mini-series.
Baby Bear Cub
Baby Bear Den
Re-collaring a mother black bear in her den with her cub. National Geographic Channel's Jake Willers hosts The Wildlife, a free web based mini-series.
Fence Lizard
Western Fence Lizard
Yes, this lizard could help reduce the incidences of lyme disease in humans. National Geographic Channel's Jake Willers hosts The Wildlife
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